The Story Of MAD

July 2019

Founded in 2019, MAD Foods was founded by Angelique and Bobby to create beverages that give people the choice to consume conveniently, healthily and sustainably, while building a community. MAD is committed to providing the world with plant-based ready-to-drink products that are free from soy, dairy and nuts.

Headquartered in Singapore, we strongly believe that everyday wellness should be nutritious, delicious, and affordable. We are working faster and further to find solutions to make your daily beverages healthier and tastier. 

Where to find MAD

From specialty stores to service stations, the easiest way to locate us is to use our store locator!

Would you like to have MAD in YOUR neighbourhood? Get in touch with the team now! We'd love to hear from you.

The Mad Mission

Our commitment is to get nutritious and tasty beverages into people’s hands (and bodies) with our range of functional beverages that are conveniently ready-to-drink and easily accessible.

We use quality, plant-based ingredients to create drinks that are full-flavoured and well-balanced. All MAD products are 100% plant-based and free from soy, dairy, and nuts.

MAD is working faster and further to broaden our range with products that allow you to consume better and live stronger for tomorrow, starting today.


We put in 100% commitment to our environmental, social, and corporate governance. Our products are packaged in BPA and plastic-free aluminium cans as we aim to achieve as little an impact on the environment, through our packaging as well as being aware of the waste we produce.

We are proud to say that MAD Coffee is 100% powered by plants, animal-friendly and plastic-free!

Meet Our Friends

Our friends, Max, Miles, and Maya have their own favorite flavors of
MAD coffee. Let’s find out who you are best friends with!


Natalie Dau
Natalie Dau
Fitness Personality
MAD is my go to for coffee on the go, especially when I need some extra energy.
Paul Foster
Paul Foster
Media Personality
If you are as MAD about coffee as I am, then you'll love these guys!
Tertiary Student
I'm so happy there a vegan option for me at school!!
Marc Chew
Marc Chew
Double Shot is my FAVE! Is there a TRIPLE???
Mandy Z
Mandy Z
I never knew canned coffee could taste so good!
Fitness PT
I like the single shot before my workouts!